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and the almighty computer said "beep.......boop.......beep"

20 November 1980
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1984, aeon flux, alternative fashion, amputees, androids, anglegrinding, anime, aphex twin, apoptygma berzerk, attack the gas station, back braces, battle royale, being a total degenerate, being better than you, bladerunner, body modification, brave new world, calamari, car crash fetish, chicks on speed, chopstix, circuitry, city of lost children, clubing, console, crash, cyber fashion, cyberpunk, cyborgs, david lynch, debauchery, download, drinking, ed wood, electric violin, electroclash, electrodes, emp, eraserhead, fashion design, fetish scene, fifth element, fischerspooner, forced evolution, freezepop, fritz lang, front242, funkervogt, gas masks, genetic engineering, ghost in the shell, goggles, hair extensions, hedwig, henti, hitomi, hospitals, human annihilation, i fucked your mom, ichi the killer, indi films, industrial music, insects, invader zim, j-pop, j-rock, japan, japanese fashion, john waters, klaus nomi, kmfdm, kraftwerk, ladytron, lain, latex, lexx, machines, mad max, man bites dog, mannequins, mdfmk, medical gear, metropolis, military testing films, miss kitten, monkey vs robot, myself, mystery science theater 2000, nanotech, new orleans, noise, nuclear detonations, octopi, painting, partying, peaches, penguins with machineguns, plastic surgery, platform boots, power noise, project pitchfork, prosthetics, ray guns, red bull, requiem for a dream, robot sex, robotics, robots, rubber, sculpture, shirow masamune, short films, skinny puppy, smoking, space pirates, space sluts, squid, sushi, synthpop, tenticle sex, tetsuo, thai food, the limelight, the naked ape, tim burton, titus, tokyo, torture garden, troma movies, tron, urban decay, velvet acid christ, world domination, wumpscut